diana victoreen, undergrad @ Parsons & Lang + graphic designer based in nyc. Currently interested in: web and interactive design, design systems, bookmaking, printmaking, typogrpahy, writing. I am constantly collecting references, I believe that design can be heightened through communication with other objects in the designed world and that the interaction between object and viewer should be bidirectional. My project as a designer and a student is to understand interfaces, to carefully analyze the ways designed objects communicate with the world, and to use this information to create objects and experiences that are effective, purposeful, and deligtful.

Block Print: Thanks Asshole

Hand carved wood block print. I based the design for this print on the classic "thank you bag", both a ubiquitous object in the designed world and a typical antagonist in the fight for envoronmental conservation. By co-opting and subverting a pre-existing visual langauge this poster calls attention to the unseen detriment that the common use of everyday, single-use plastics is causing.
Spring 2019. MDF Block Print, Letterpress, Ink on Paper.

Print: Catcall Map of Manhattan

A typographic map of manhattan created using real catcall stories and locations sourced through social media. Through expressive typography and illustration, the goal for this poster is to poke fun at the types of things people feel comfortable saying when an interaction is felt to be impermanent and in this way, reverse the relationship of power between the subject of these remarks and the person issuing them.
SPRING 2017. Ink on Bristol.

Screen Print: Art School for Milkfart

Art School Dropout Graphic T-Shirt Designed for amusingly nihilistic clothing brand Milkfart
Winter 2018. Illustration, Adobe Illustrator, Screenprinting.

Screenprint: Tourist T-Shirt

T-shirt designed and screenprinted as an extension of my Doyer's Street Book project. The goal was to create a tourist object, which, instead of functioning as keepsake/reminder of a place, used language and image to function as a reminder of the rich and interesting histories of places like Doyer's Street–histories which become easily overlooked and overshadowed as a result of growing tourism and gentrification. I derived the graphics for the shirt from the iconography in the original book.
Spring 2018. Applied skills: indesign, photoshop, illustrator, screen printing.

Bookmaking: On Doyers Street

For this project I designed, printed, and hand bound a book centered around Doyer's street; a narrow stretch of road in Chinatown with a surprisingly grisly past. Through a series of duochrome sections, found pieces of type, images and iconography sourced from Doyer's Street, and transparancies this book presents the dichotomy between past and present that exists in all New York Streets. I am interested in the book as a time based and interactive expereince, as such this work invites the viewer to dive in, peel back the layers, and investigate this strange street and the book as an object. Might also make you want to take another look at those stains on the ceiling at your favorite noodle spot.
Spring 2018. Applied skills: indesign, photoshop, illustrator, bookbinding.

Print + Digital: ALIX NYC FLIERS

Flyer design for bodysuit and swim brand ALIX NYC's popup and tradeshow events at Miami Swim Week 2017. I created promotional materials for both print and digital distribution.

Flyer design for bodysuit and swim brand ALIX NYC'sWinter 2017 sample sale. These fliers were designed for print distribution.

2017/18. Applied skills: photoshop.

Website: @ Exhibition - El Sotano

Online gallery site commissioned by artist collective and gallery space El Sotano for their @ Exhibition. Submissions for this exhibition are ongoing and must exist within the body of an email, this digital gallery is modeled after an inbox in order to present the submissions in a way that is both flexible and feels continuous with the experience of the exhibition and the collective's existing brand. View
Spring 2019. HTML CSS JS.

UX/UI: Favor App Prototype

Prototype for Favor, an app that facilitates the exchange of goods and services for other goods and services. Demo

Users present the items/services they have to offer and specify the items/services they are looking for in return so that the app can help to connect users who are most likely to trade with one another.

The purpose of this app is to reduce the waste and environmental strain associated with consumerism and the excessive production of new things. Additionally, the app encourages engagement with one’s community and a more considerate approach to value and consumption.

Winter 2018. Applied skills: Figma/Sketch Prototyping, Adobe Illustrator.